Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bed Designs

There are hell alot bed designs posted on the internet but when it comes to get the same for yourself.. gosh! They say in the market that "Sir, Its not practically possible"!! WHAT!! You suddenly start feeling like kicking someone on their face.

I have got a simple solution for you. In that case my friend i am here to provide you with some bed designs that are very much practically possible.

Well i can help you in an other way too. You tell me your requirements, colors you love, special theme ... and i will get you the best possible bed design with its working drawings and some sketches and views.

Here are some bed designs that you may like:


If you like anyone from these designs, tell me and i will give you working drawings.
And yes dont worry at all if you want to customize it in ANY WAY.. tell me and it will be done.

You can request ANYTHING pertaining to architecture and interiors. I will there for rescue.
More Articals coming you way.

Ar. Piyush Mittal



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